We all know how it goes with New Year’s resolutions: we have every intention to start something new, end a bad habit, or improve ourselves; yet, more often than not, our resolutions turn out to be unrealistic. We’re left with a sense of guilt from lack of achievement. That’s no way to start the New Year.

What we’re suggesting are tangible goals. Achievable goals.

Some of the challenging targets set this year by members of the team at inEvidence include completing the Great North Swim, climbing Scafell Pike, passing a driving test, and attending classes in Korean. Achievable? We think so. It’s about the small steps toward concrete objectives.

Without any guilt provoking, below are a few concrete goals we’re challenging you (Customer Reference Programme managers) to undertake for 2013:

1. Better connect with customers: Review your value proposition for the customer (what’s in it for them?). Then actively contact one customer a week – make them feel valued.

2. Re-assess your pipelines: Contact two sales teams per week to identify deals that qualify (based on strategy and focus areas) and customers who could be approached.

3. Quality over quantity: Which customers made the most difference to your business? Establish workable judging criteria.

4. Run a sales incentive: For each new case study in the pipeline, ask the sales teams’ senior manager to congratulate them to the whole team – name in lights scenario.

5. Using comms effectively: Promote your reference programme once a month via email, newsletters, team meetings, conference calls…whatever is most suitable and engaging.

Good luck!