The team has grown significantly since the last issue of inEvidence insights; Lots of bright folks with disparate backgrounds which keeps things fresh. Our new offices which looked massive a year ago are starting to seem a little smaller (do they make bunk-desks?).

We’ve also been busy establishing our new San Francisco team  and it’s also a tale of three weddings: Laura’s one in May, Kris’ forthcoming on in September and of course Will and Kate’s.

Not only have we established a real presence in San Francisco (well, Los Gatos), since our last newsletter we’ve also welcomed 13 new team members, Seona, Milena, Helen, Peter, Sarah, Carmen, Abi, Ben, Laura, Dave, Sharon, Jenny and Will.

We’ll be welcoming back Verity Shuttleworth in September from maternity leave but also saying ‘see you soon’ to Melissa Talbot at the end of the year when she goes to have her 2nd baby..

Laura Thornley got married in May (and it was a fab wedding too )

Kristian Levey will tie the knot in September (Kris also celebrated his 30th birthday in August

Charlotte left the North for St.Albans and celebrated the Royal Wedding in Hyde Park

Ciaran Reardon took part in a Guinness World Record attempt to play in the longest Rugby Union match ever at 24 hours 30 mins and 6 secs with a final score of Mali Lions 894 and Congleton Bears 715.

We celebrated our 20th anniversary in style. It started well however as the evening progressed…

We’re sure you get the idea, for proof see the pics on our facebook page here