what we do

we tell customer stories; all formats, all languages, all over the world

We specialise in helping clients tell their customers’ stories in the most creative and purposeful ways. A global team of expert storytellers and customer reference/advocacy specialists, we capture video, the written word, and live events to tell stories; in any language, for any platform, and in any design.

we believe

customer’s stories are the most effective marketing

In a cynical world, how do we cut through noise, negativity and an increasing lack of trust? How do we communicate with true authenticity? At inEvidence we believe in authentic, credible marketing. We believe in the power of customer stories; their experiences made tangible. We believe in creativity, craft and collaboration.

we are

global, specialist, challenger, pioneer

Deep specialism and experience are inEvidence’s super-powers. From telling a single story, to designing and managing a totally outsourced global customer reference/advocacy programme (and everything in between). We push against the status quo, constantly challenging; driving towards the new, the next.

we tell

remarkable customer stories, in relevant formats, from new perspectives

It used to be that customer stories were available either in a two-page or four-page PDF; portrait of course. Today’s marketers optimise content for a multitude of channels and methods of content consumption. inEvidence streamlines customer story creation, creating written, video, visual, hybrid and combined stories in a host of formats, focusses and languages. Omnichannel made easy, with a single point of contact.



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