It’s time to put the reference pros to the test. As summer is approaching, find out what our advocates would recommend for a beach time read, a lazy summertime holiday and a movie to get them in the holiday spirit.

Rhian Harrison

Best beach read:

I love a trashy novel on holiday – something that I can lose myself in without using too much brain power. Marian Keyes often fits the bill – in fact last year I nearly drowned due to laughing that much at one of her books whilst reading in the pool. If not then something in keeping with the surroundings such as Driving Over Lemons by Chris Stewart, the ex-Genesis drummer who lives in rural Andalucía or anything by Victoria Hislop

Holiday destination:

Anywhere in the Med. Personal favourites are Turkey, Greek Islands and the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It has it all. The warm sunshine, beautiful vistas of olive and lemon groves, glistening turquoise sea, lazy days on the beach, relaxed evenings listening to the crickets with a glass of something chilled and delicious barbequed cuisine

Summer-time movie:

Has to be the 80s classic Shirley Valentine. Who doesn’t dream of packing it all in to work in a quaint tavern on the beach when we are lay in the sun, hundreds of miles away from real life? Not to mention the dark, handsome holiday romance 🙂

Tony Goodwin

Best beach read:

I would suggest – “The Old Ways – A Journey on Foot” – Robert McFarlane. A travel book, but with a difference…. The author walks some of the oldest paths in Britain and elsewhere, and these trigger thoughts and reflections on nature, history, fact and fiction. Do not just take my word for it – it was voted book of the year in 2012 by various reviewers. It was a gift from somebody who knows I enjoy walking, and I have recently discovered it is actually the third in a series by the author on similar themes. I now need to find time to read the first two! It made me think – and even short dog walks seems more interesting now!

Holiday destination:

Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall.  The archetypal West Country holiday – but somehow the Roseland Peninsula has remained a little less ‘discovered’ than much of Devon and Cornwall. Maybe because it is away from main roads and feels a long way from anywhere! Great for relaxation and reading [see above] – but also plenty to do with a good stretch of the South Coast Walk and beaches to explore. Kayak and cycle hire is available if you want to explore further. Even better bring your own bike[s]!

In particular – The Hidden Hut, Porthcurnick Beach, Nr Portscatho, is a bit special. Check their web pages for dates and events.

Summer time movie

hmmm – my taste in films is a bit ‘heavy’ – not really suited to upbeat summer time choices. If I had to choose it would probably be something by Coen Brothers. Or catch up on a TV Box set I have missed – maybe “Broadchurch” [I have not seen it yet – so do not tell me the ending!].

If I am allowed a music track in place of a film:
Eagles – “One of Those Nights” – It shows my age! – but good for beach parties…….

Nick Pak

Book for the beach:

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald: It’s one of those novels that hold individual-specific emotions for everyone who’s read it, but for me, it’s a novel on love and optimism. Also, the parties in the background certainly do drum up a certain fun, decadent ambience

Holiday destination:

Maldives: If only because the weather over summer is perfect for this lovely island resort, with its lush turquoise waters and white sandy beaches

Summer time movie:

Amelie: A whimsical tale of love, hope, eccentricities, and people, which is synonymous with the hopeful idealism of summertime.