I’ve seen a lot of five lists recently: 5 Jobs I’ve Had (search Twitter); Five Movies That Define Me (same). Five Books is great for, er, book recommendations.

In that spirit, I thought I’d share my top 5 newsletter subscriptions*:

  1. Austin Kleon for tips on creativity (plus parenting, music and plenty more)
  2. Daily Stoic on ‘wisdom for everyday life’. For me, an essential
  3. Big Revolution from Martin Bryant, a daily look at how technology is changing society
  4. Recommendo six brief personal recommendations of cool stuff, from real people, weekly
  5. Storythings: tips on storytelling, across a range of formats

Not sure if there is a common thread, but I imagine I’d like to spend time with the people behind each one. Personal, easy to read, useful and never a pain.

I’d love to hear your recommendations (books, jobs, movies, newsletters or otherwise).


*This list is not set in stone. It may have changed next week. Fwiw, Jason KottkeLaura Olin and Roberto Estreitinho’s Salmon Theory are just outside this week’s top 5**. 

**That’s really a top 8, isn’t it?