inEvidence reference content was used by the TSIA’s external auditors as part of the judging criteria for our client’s Software Support. We helped our client to gain top points as part of this two-month process, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

To prepare for the audit, we had numerous calls with our client’s project managers to understand more about their processes. We researched TSIA to gain an understanding exactly what they were looking for; we also listened to other Subject Matter Experts (SME) to get a feel of how it works as SME’s are seen as an increasingly important element of the certification process. We then finished with a dry-run test to make sure we included everything needed for the actual audit. The preparation took two months.

The formal audit is now complete. An informal announcement has recently gone out to all SMEs showing our client has achieved the 2013 TSIA certification – and that inEvidence gained top points for Software Support. This is not a typical project for us, but one we’ve relished. We’re pleased for them, and to have rewarded our client’s trust in our work. All round, a job well done.