The inEvidence team has been turning its hand to mixology after a cocktail making lesson at Manchester’s Bacchanalia bar.

During an evening out to celebrate the team being presented with a Chime Cymbal award for ‘Outstanding Achievement’, we learnt how to mix the perfect Mojito, the secrets behind a B52 and even stepped behind the bar to mix our own Cosmopolitans…

Each year, the Chime Group invites its subsidiary companies to participate in the ‘Chime Cymbal’ Awards – the purpose being to champion excellence from around the group.

Chime comprises three divisions, 36 agencies and over 1000 people with offices globally. One of the most prestigious ‘Chime Cymbal’ awards is the Outstanding Achievement Award, it’s can only be won by one team a year and is not open for entry. This one award is selected by the judges – the Chime Executive Board.

This year, the inEvidence team was presented with this award for its exceptional client retention  – a mind-blowing 17 years for one of our clients– and the ‘Big Idea’ sales tool, Proof Points.

With so much cocktail expertise now on hand future inEvidence parties are going to
be much more glamorous affairs.


We may need more mini umbrellas…