With online marketing you can encourage viewers to take action, visit your website and read about your products and services. It is easy to measure your views and really see and understand the impact of your story.

It is also worth noting that not every reference makes a good video, there are lots of points to consider, such as brand, the key message and if the story has a human element, does it touch the soul, what emotion does it evoke?

  • It needs to be a good story but more importantly you need the right person to tell it.

The spokesperson needs to be good in front of the camera and confident when they are presented with a camera, sound, lights, crew etc

  • It doesn’t need to be Bafta-nominated.

The perception that the cost of producing a video is off the richter scale is no longer the case; reportage style can be just as effective. If the content is customer generated then that’s all that matters, this is what separates it from just marketing speak.

  • It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

A video interview can enable all manner of other deliverables. You can slice and dice video content for different audiences and different uses. This will enable you to produce several videos at once.

Making a video can also provide an effective way of creating a written case study at the same time, minimising client touches but maximising your deliverables.

Online videos can have an incredibly long shelf life. A video can stay online eternally wit out any extra costs, allowing people to view it long after production.

  • Optimising your content

Search engine optimisation for online videos can be incredibly effective.
Major search engines like Google feature blended search results, displaying videos, images, and other content among text-based links. Understanding SEO for videos can launch your brand’s video to the top of results, highlighting your message to a huge audience. Google is very keen on pushing video to the top of search results, creating a golden opportunity for companies to increase their online visibility.

  • Video is memorable and visuals do stick

Images, text and the written case study can be captivating and allow for the reader to gain depth and understanding of the specific subject, but videos can be emotive, visual and engaging.

How to get your customer on board- What’s in it for them?

  • Provide the customer with a marketing asset that they can utilise for their own use/websites/events etc
  • Boost the customer’s profile through YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing sites
  • Gain exposure within their industry as a thought leader
  • Ability to share best practice within their field

Here are a few customer reference videos worth a watch!