For Earth Day 2019, we wanted to mark the occasion by incorporating more eco-friendly changes into our daily lives. For inspiration, we asked around the office for some of the positive actions they already do and got some great responses. If you’re looking for some easy-to-implement changes that can help protect the environment, we hope this list provides you with at least one idea that you can start doing today.


“We are eating less meat as a family, especially beef, and going for more vegetarian options.” – Frank 


“I’m trying to reduce our food wastage by making sure I only buy something if it’s definitely going to get eaten. My boyfriend and I used to throw out a fair amount of food each month due to poor meal planning – we’re also trying to buy ‘wonky’ veg and avoid plastic food packaging where possible.” – Faye


“One of the things we can do to help the environment in Singapore is taking public transport instead of driving a car. This helps to reduce pollution.” – Pei Choo


“At home we used to buy loads of bottled water for the fridge, but we have changed to a Brita filter jug, and just fill it up daily.” – Terry


“I’m trying to move away from single use plastics- I’ve ditched the supermarket fruit and veg bags, purchased a reusable metal water bottle and take my own cup to Starbucks!” – Matt


“I recently changed my dirty diesel car to a super friendly green plug-in hybrid vehicle to help cut emissions.” – Hass


“We have a million and one eco-bags instead of using plastic carrier bags! We’ve also changed energy suppliers to a 100% renewable supplier.” – Jenny


“We haven’t bought meat on our weekly shop since October! (We are partial to some meat with a meal out though) We also have our energy through a renewable supplier.” – Tom


“Similar to Jenny; renewable energy supplier, only reusable carrier bags and coffee cups, changed all the lights to LED, and tap water is just fine, at home or in a restaurant” – Robin


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