Making the most of your customers is often not seen as a top priority but maybe it should be.

It seems so simple but many companies forget that listening to their customers is paramount to building loyalty – ergo growth. Feedback enables a business to get closer to its customers.Get feedback:Making the most of customers in many companies is often a rather bi-polar experience from ignored to overused and under valued. Here are two thoughts on how to maximise your customers.

Managing feedback:

  • Swift responses: Ensure that those providing feedback receive quick answers to their questions, comments or concerns – whilst this might not make them love you it will show commitment and demonstrate listening.
  • Take action: Enable your business to deal with feedback and to adapt to both negative and positive comments. Positive change is what your customers strive to see.
  • The benefits of a well planned feedback programme can be measured in terms of reduced churn, increased satisfaction and its compounding effects like enhanced brand loyalty and improved repeat purchase. There’s loads of free information on the web about setting up a feedback programme – check it out as it’s well worth the time.


Get engaged:

Today there are many ways for customers to participate in a reference programme to support your business but all too often this engagement is a one sided affair.

Whilst a disparate approach can work, it is a very patient customer who is willing to come back time and time again.  And for the customer all too often there is no benefit just a USB stick or £20 gift voucher in the post.

So what? – you might ask. Well, over time unchecked this leads to less and less customers acting on your behalf, ultimately denying you an opportunity to maximise a potent tool in any marketers’ armoury.

Here are three steps to help you get your customers more engaged

  • Less delivers more: Often the focus is all on the numbers. This month we delivered ten reference materials. Sounds great doesn’t it. But what was the effect of those? By doing less you can do more with your key customers, deepen your engagement and deliver better benefits for all.
  • Focus on your customer not yourself: Focus on the success of the customer, after all their success is your success. Create an environment where you support and champion your customers. You want customers to participate in your marketing in a way that benefits them.
  • Connect with your customer: Work more closely with your selected customers to achieve greater marketing cohesion. Enable open and honest advice, even if it means suggesting a competitor product or service and always share your knowledge freely.
  • So to the title that started all of this, a quote from the infamous Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers “A satisfied customer – we should have him stuffed!” Basil is both right and wrong. Maximising the potential of your customers is very important but manipulating them so they no longer appear real or are no longer willing – well that’s Fawlty logic.

*Basil Fawlty – Fawlty Towers