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We set out to create an agency with a difference; a true specialist global customer reference team, built on several principles:

1) Peer endorsement is the most effective influencer of purchase decisions

2) Any agency can create a case study, being customer reference specialists gives our clients much more value

3) Whenever possible, this should be creative and fun so we all benefit.

We think that we’ve succeeded but don’t take our word for it. Maybe you should speak to our clients :o)

If you wish to know more about inEvidence please download our brochure, check out our 2012 Global Customer Reference Pro Survey, call us on +44 (0) 1625 500 800, or email references "at"

We provide extra bandwidth to help our clients recruit happy customers as potential references. Normally this is via phone and email.

Every new win could be a reference customer in the future. We gather deal information and store it for when the time is right to turn the win into a reference.

Salespeople are not famous for filling-in forms and there is always something else for a busy reference manager to be dealing with.

Ring-fencing your reference customer recruitment is a smart idea; after all this is your pipeline of reference materials and customers to support marketing strategy and close business.

Just in case you were wondering if the case study is dead, it’s not; in fact the need for customer evidence is continuing to increase.

What is constantly changing is people’s expectation of what a good case study should be, both in terms of content and format.

The right answer? there isn’t one.

Technical vs. high-level, PDF vs. video or hybrid, web-text to white paper, all these formats are valid.

The way in which we all consume and interact with information has changed and today’s case studies need to reflect this change.

With over 3,000 pieces of customer-approved content delivered to date in 27 languages and 74 countries you’re in safe hands.

We know from experience that the life of a customer reference manager is not an easy one; the best-laid plans are constantly derailed by urgent requests for references sales and marketing teams.

inEvidence’s reference helpdesk service manages over 2,500 requests for references a year from our offices in the UK, California and Singapore, which is pretty much a 24hr service.

Think how much you could do with your time if you outsourced at least some of your reference requests.

Then think about how effective a team is that specialises in managing requests from A to Z (or logo approval to Analyst or Site Visit requests and everything in between).

Sometimes our clients just want to sanity-check ideas, or need an extra pair of hands for a few days/weeks/months.

Sometimes new clients wish to set up whole new customer reference programmes without reinventing the wheel.

It’s not for nothing that we’re called reference geeks.

To some extent every reference programme deals with the issues of legal sign-off, metrics, processes, communications, planning, incentives (or not), geographies, languages and scalability.

inEvidence does not have all the answers however we’re working hard to ensure best-practices are shared and that our experience, knowledge and network is available to customer reference managers everywhere.

To date inEvidence has created over 4,000 case studies in 90 countries and 27 languages so you can see our work all over the web.

If you would like to see some evidence related to your country, industry or solution there is a good chance we have created something and will be pleased to send you a relevant sample; please just contact us.

If you would like to find out more about us, or experience our eStudy, the future of case studies then there's an app for that!

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